You don’t have to give up on tidying, Marie Kondo – get Serenely Sorted, the realistic home organisation system that saves you time

By Diana Spellman, Founder & Creator of the Serenely Sorted System

I totally get where Marie Kondo is coming from.  I was working from home with two small kids and I looked into her system, watched a few shows.  But I simply didn’t have time to fold each pair of trousers so that it can stand up on its own.  I could hardly stand up on my own at this point.  I was googling realistic home organisation system to sort my messy home but coming up blank.

But I didn’t want to just give up on having a tidy home.  Heck, it’s the most expensive thing we’ll probably ever buy in our lives, so let’s make it our haven, our serene space – a place where we can relax and unwind without being triggered by the mess.  I had mess stress and I wanted to do something about it.

82% of us have experienced mess stress at some point*.

So surrendering to the mess wasn’t something I wanted to do – I loved my home and wanted it to look great and feel relaxed inside it.  But equally, I didn’t want to spend hours and hours tidying every week.

So I created my own system – The Serenely Sorted System.  Initially I did this without realising it, but what happened was my 25 years of corporate systems, process and workflow skills kicked in and I found myself looking at my own behaviour to see how I could change it to eliminate mess, or to get back to tidy really fast.  I also realised that our kitchen cupboard space is often really badly designed, so we chuck stuff in – it could be so much more efficiently used, with a few props.

But here’s the big difference between me and Marie Kondo.

She has a love of organising and wants to do it – it’s her passion, so no surprise that it’s in-depth and a perhaps bit complicated to do for a normal, non-sorty person.  I hate the drudgery of tidying and want to spend less time doing it.  This, plus my corporate efficiency skills meant my system was designed to save time, and do less!

The Serenely Sorted System is a system and set of behaviours to help you reduce or eliminate mess and get back to tidy super fast – to a point where it doesn’t even feel like tidying anymore (yes, you read that right).

It’s a way of organising your cupboards with ‘Serene Space Dividers’ to make the best use of space.  It’s not about instagrammable pantry pictures.  Because who has pantries anyway, and also, by trying to do the matchy matchy basket thing, you are wasting space.  And besides, you can close the cupboard door – the main point is your surfaces are clear so that you are not triggered by what’s on them – and not just by the presence of the ‘daily debris’, but by what that debris is – the laptop, the work notebook, the homework, the unpaid bill.

So, let’s not choose perfection or surrendering to the mess – let’s get Serenely Sorted, the realistic home organisation that helps you save time, ditch the drudgery and rid your mess stress.

If you would like to find out more about a realistic home organisation that saves you time, get in touch for a free discovery call.  You can work with me 1-2-1, or take my online DIY course to learn the system and launch it in your home.

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Kantar survey commissioned by Serenely Sorted, March 2021

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