I wasn’t always organised at home.  In fact I was mess stressed with piles on all the chairs.  But since creating the unique Serenely Sorted System I honestly don’t feel like I’m tidying anymore.  I created the system initially for myself, and now teach others to live a life without drudgery, mess stress and save time every day.



I could never find the hairbrush when my daughter was rushing for school. So much so that I bought a new one.  I was mess stressed and felt like I was in this mess/tidy loop never making progress.

I realised I wanted – needed – to sort this out once and for all, so I could ditch the drudgery of home chores and spend time with my family, and looking after me!

That’s when I decided enough was enough, and through a lightbulb moment related to handbags (!), I created my first End Home.  I then purposefully applied my corporate skills to creating a system that would have me tidy at home.  But not just for today (I was sick of repeatedly tidying the kids room seemingly for nothing) – a system that would have me spending less time tidying than ever, yet a home more sorted than ever, and living a life without mess stress for good.

The unique Serenely Sorted System is realistic, achievable and sustainable for anyone who wants to ditch the drudgery and save time everyday.  If I can do it, anyone can.

Now published in multiple national press, Diana and her unique system are helping people everywhere ditch the drudgery and save time every day.

I love housework and all the time I spend doing it............ said no one, ever. Let's ditch the drudgery and enable all of us to enjoy our free time!

A few facts about me

How I’ve ended up persuing my passion as The Realistic Home Organisation Expert.

I love to travel

I've visited 52 countries and lived overseas for 12 years. After a year spent backpacking after university and another in my early 30s, I had the travel bug and spent seven years in Hong Kong. This is where I learned to live without clutter and was drawn to a more minimalist look.

I have two gorgeous kids

After having my kids in Brazil and Mexico, I'm really happy to be back living in the UK. Trouble was, now in my forever home I found the piles starting to build up as I wasn't pairing down every few years for a move. Determined not to live a messy life - and being a messy person by nature, I set to work to find a way to delete the debris.

I was in the corporate world for 25 yrs

Apart from a four year gap when my kids were small, I worked in my career as a systems, process expert and project management expert. Leading projects to streamline global systems, I put those skills to work in the home. We've come to accept the drudgery of the small home chores. I didn't want to accept that into my life so used my corporate skills to sort it!


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What people say about installing The Serenely Sorted System into their lives and homes.

I just feel like a lot of stuff on social media is a bit “change your whole life and all the habits you’ve picked up for decades and basically become a different person then you’ll have a tidy house” not realistic at all and makes you feel even more like it’s an impossible task. Serenely sorted is more for real life and even partners and kids can ‘get’ it (in time of course!)

I’d love to chat to see if The Serenely Sorted System is the right fit to enable you to save time at home.