Learn more about Serenely Sorted and how it all began!

How Serenely Sorted began

The piles were building up, piles were growing piles. As a busy working parent I couldn’t get on top of the mess. I was Mess Stressed! Through a few simple behaviour changes I began to see big results – with little effort. Just putting my handbag in a designated End Home rather than on the chair eliminated a mess maker with zero time spent. I’ve eliminated my Mess Stress and designed the Serenely Sorted System to help others do the same.  Whether or not you are naturally tidy, Serenely Sorted can help you spend less time tidying.  If the state of your home causes you to feel less-than-relaxed, or Mess Stressed, then Serenely Sorted is for you.

What is Serenely Sorted?

Want to get tidy & stay tidy for life? The realistic Serenely Sorted System helps busy people spend less time tidying & eliminates mess stress. It provides a framework for looking at your mess in a completely different way, and eliminating it with quick, easy steps. 

In order to reach the goal of becoming tidy, sorted, for life, you need to enter a new mindset yourself.  All great to have someone come to your home and get it tidy and organised, but if you then don’t change your ways you’ll be straight back to mess town in minutes.  That’s why everything starts with learning the system.  Once you’ve followed ‘Learn the Serenely Sorted System’ online you just can’t help but think differently.  For some, even after that, you may benefit from some extra help, which we will happily provide.

Watch my video here to get started on understanding the nuts and bolts of the Serenely Sorted System and why it’s changing people’s mindset to mess.