The Serenely Sorted System has been featured in many national news publications, and Diana Spellman is now frequently quoted as The Realistic Home Organisation Expert.  Read, listen and watch all about it below!


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The concept of minimalism involves freeing yourself from clutter and "stuff". So why is it important and how do we let go of things that we don't need any more? Looking into what the 'experts' say about minimalism and whether it is truly helpful? And also hearing from others who have gained some mastery over themselves.

I was interviewed by Andrew Pierce for ‘The Daily Show’ – his Daily Mail podcast! My part starts 26 minutes in: could you lower your ‘mess stress’ by tidying your house?

I was delighted to be a guest on Angela Jay’s breakfast show talking about Serenely Sorted, Mess Stress and the much anticipated return to school for so many families!


Itching for more space or greener pastures post-pandemic? You’re definitely not alone. Here’s how to make the big move without draining your bank balance – or sanity – in the process. Find Diana's tips to help your move happen in a sorted and serene way here.

If you need some guidance on how to organize your hallway closet then look no further. Diana shares her tips on organising your hall cupboard in a realistic way. Watch out for Diana's upcoming blog with more tips on this topic!

Diana Spellman is a female entrepreneur born out of lockdown. With 20 years of experience working in systems/process/workflow on corporate contracts, she has launched her business Serenely Sorted. Inspired to address the ‘Mess Stress’ in her own life after working from home meant she couldn’t get away from the piles that had built up over time and that constant nagging voice telling her to tidy – she developed the simple but highly effective Serenely Sorted System. She is now on a mission to help others who are busy and mess stressed change their habits to help them find more peace in their home.

Life can be busy and hectic enough, so when it comes to our homes, it makes sense that many of us crave a peaceful and streamlined place to unwind after a long day. Read my tips on how to bring this into your home in a realistic way.

More than half (60%) of people working from home don’t have a dedicated space, according to a survey from Serenely Sorted. This makes tidying away your work things at the end of the day even more important, says the company’s founder and home organisation guru Diana Spellman.

With mixed messages from government around returning to the office, new data from a Kantar survey shows that 43% of workers will continue to work from home at least some of the time after the pandemic, compared to just 31% pre-pandemic. Diana Spellman, The Realistic Home Organisation Expert and founder of Serenely Sorted, believes now is that time to address the elephant in the room around the impact of home working on staff mental wellbeing, as hybrid working looks set to continue for the long term and research reveals that a huge proportion of us are suffering from ‘mess stress’.

Diana said: “Without mechanisms in place to ensure that the work stuff is put away at the end of the day, the lines between work and home life get even more blurred than they already were, with the danger that we will be ‘always on’ and unable to fully switch off from our day jobs at night.”

With documentaries, videos and endless images, minimalism is a growing trend. However, it’s not easy and the results are different for everyone. The Realistic Home Organisation Expert, Diana Spellman, shares her top tips.

As part of Spring Clearing Week (22nd-28th March), APDO member Diana Spellman, The Realistic Home Organisation Expert and founder of Serenely Sorted has released results of a nationwide survey she has conducted by Kantar which confirms what we’ve all experienced during lockdown – a messy home is a stressy home!

Clutter anxiety is a thing – but you can start the New Year feeling cool, calm and serene thanks to these top tips from Diana Spellman, the founder of Serenely Sorted.

Whether you have 5, 10, 30 or 60 minutes….this article has the answers to get you Serenely Sorted! This article was published centre-spread in both The Daily Express and Daily Mirror in November 2020

Read my practical tips on how to reduce your mess stress with Serenely Sorted.

Since this article was published, it has been republished on Yahoo Finance, Yahoo USA, Delish! and Simplemost! Amazing how this happens and suddenly Serenely Sorted and Diana Spellman are news across multiple sites!

When this coke can hack went viral, I was asked to comment on whether it could really work, or if there were issues to bear in mind. Find out what I said here.

I was delighted to be included in MumForce’s Fantastic Females section over the Summer. MumForce is a great Scottish mum blogging site which I highly recommend – she is also on Instagram!

My business launch was picked up by The Chester Standard – happy to have such great coverage close to home!

Delighted to have my business launch featured in Wellbeing News!

Delighted to be featured in Balance The Grind | Conversations about work, life & balance, who are doing brilliant work promoting work-life balance. Read on to find out more about Founder Diana Spellman‘s story and why Serenely Sorted can support your own transformation to better work-life balance. We massively support this mission both in principle and directly by helping free busy people from the task of tidying.

The Realistic Home Organisation Show

Is cooking a bore or even worse bane of your life? Do you spend time searching through for the paprika only to find you have three hot but no smoked? Do you wish you had more SPACE in your kitchen? I'm here to help and in this week's show I'm sharing what it feels like to love rather than loathe to cook in your kitchen and why Serenely Sorting our Spices created cooking calm!

If you know what the mental load is, you'll appreciate my practical tips on how we can start to reduce it for women and share and reduce overall the housework. I feel very passionately about this - and with The Serenely Sorted System I can definitely do my bit to help address this imbalance and the overall shackles that home chores place on people - still.

That paper pile! Those mega piles! I talked a lot last week about mess stress and the paper piles were certainly a massive source of stress for me. Not just because I had to look at the piles. That was bad enough. But what they held - all those 'lost' papers - and when you needed to find them - what a nightmare! Hours spent searching - wasted time. Let's take BACK that time for other things we'd much prefer to be doing! Join me as I share my journey from PILES TO SMILES!


Diana shares her tips on how to save time to spend with your family, on you - and your passions!

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