Now more than ever, people are working from home at unprecedented levels, with this format of working set to stay for the long term, as we evolve into a hybrid format of home working and in offices.  Helping staff deal with the often-inevitable Mess Stress of the collision of home and work life is such a highly practical way of supporting them.

“More than half (60%) of people working from home don’t have a dedicated space, according to a survey from Serenely Sorted.” Huffington Post, April 2021

Enabling your staff focus as well as switch off and find respite from the ‘mess stress’ within the hybrid working model that is now the norm for many will reap rewards for both individual and company alike.

Serenely Sorted is a realistic system that enables you to live a life with less distractions, less mess stress, ditching the drudgery for the long term - and in less time. It is a mindset and behaviour change that will eliminate distracting mess from your life and give you a tidier home than ever before, with less effort. The Serenely Sorted System enables people to enjoy and love their organised homes – without having to spend hours on the drudgery of keeping it that way. Serenely Sorted is realistic – organising with practicality at its core in order to maximise the space we have without compromise on how our home looks.
...and breathe...
The Serenely Sorted System provides your staff with a 100% practical way of supporting them in the new hybrid working model, that has them reducing mess stress and improving mental health. Through this programme, staff are provided with a framework for implementing The Serenely Sorted System into their lives and homes, enabling them to be more focused while working and switch off effectively at the end of the day.
Serenely Sorted offers completely practical solutions to the challenges faced in the hybrid working model. Staff want to work from home, but need to both keep focused while at ‘work’ and be able to switch off from it at the end of the day. Both these things are hard when both work and homelife take place in the same location, but with Serenely Sorted both can be achieved and enhanced. The added benefit of giving staff a way of saving time every day to focus on their families means that everyone will love Less Mess Stress.

“82% of us have experienced ‘mess stress’ at some point in our lives, with nearly half of respondents (44%) reporting that they experienced it at least weekly.” 

Kantar survey commissioned by Serenely Sorted, March 2020


Staff Wellness Programme Options

Each organisation has different specific needs.  The options below provide a taster of what’s possible.

Lunch & Learn

A short lunch and learn presentation to give people an insight into the basics of The Serenely Sorted System, with some simple but effective tips to enable them to focus and switch off from work, and begin to address their mess stress.


Full programme

Here delegates will learn the full Serenely Sorted System and walk away with the  full set of tools to implement the system into their lives and homes, with supporting workbooks and materials.  

1-2-1 Support

A benefit for specific or senior staff, or appropriate for those able to choose from a package of wellness options, the Six Steps to Sorted 1-2-1 programme is highly effective for those who want or need individual accountability and support.

What are the benefits to individuals and companies?

Not only does The Serenely Sorted System improve staff wellbeing, it enables them to focus better when working from home, as well as making it easier to switch off at the end of the day.

Ability to switch off from work

Everyone needs to be able to switch off from work at the end of the day.  This is inevitably more difficult if your desk is the dining room table.  Through the techniques learned, staff will understand how to remove the distractions and triggers of work from their enviornment quickly and effectively every day, so fast they will hardly notice it happening.

Greater focus at work

The Serenely Sorted System enables people to focus more without the distractions of the daily debris and 'mess stress' of home life cutting through. With two thirds (64%) of workers saying a messy desk reduces their productivity or causes distractions (Kantar survey, March 2021), even at a basic level there are benefits to getting sorted.

Clearer de-markation between the two

The lines between work and home have inevitably blurred through the pandemic. Indeed, more than half (60%) of people working from home don’t have a dedicated space, according to a Kantar survey commissioned by Serenely Sorted. The Serenely Sorted System helps people divide their time and lives more effectively despite often occupying the same physical space.

Improved wellbeing

Through use of the Serenely Sorted System, staff will feel more relaxed at home. With 82% of people experiencing mess stress at some point, this is worthwhile benefit in itself for any staff wellbeing programme.

Saved 2-3 hours of time every week

Through the behavioural techniques you learn, you will eliminate some of the mess from your life completely and in doing so save time everyday that you would have spent on home chores.

Reduce the drudgery of home chores

Some people are naturally tidy but for many, it feels like we are in a mess/tidy loop that we can never get out of. The Serenely Sorted System reduces the time spent on home chores overall.


Read what HR Professionals and leaders are saying about including Serenely Sorted in their Staff Wellness Programmes

Karin Du Chenne

Chief Growth Officer Africa Middle East, Kantar

Thanks so much for the inspiring session this morning.

What a great reminder it was of the importance of keeping our space organised to support keeping our minds organised – especially in these crazy Covid conditions where so many of us are working from home. The session was very practical and I loved the visual example of what you shared which give each of us immediate first steps to get going with new behaviours.

Lianne Piper-Elsey


Serenely Sorted is much more than a system of putting things away.

We booked Diana to run a session on Serenely Sorted as part of our Wellbeing Festival for colleagues earlier this year. Diana has developed the Serenely Sorted System as a way of combatting stress caused by mess. Some of you may ask, "How hard can I be to tidy your stuff away? Do you really need a system and someone to tell you how to put your belongings in boxes etc?". I hear you because if I’m honest, that’s what I thought too…. but not anymore!

Serenely Sorted is much more than a system of putting things away. It develops behaviour change and a logic that anyone can apply once they know how. Serenely Sorted helps you to reduce and eliminate mess stress so you can enjoy your home and relax in the sanctuary it should be.

Lauren Young

Culture and Communications Director, The Very Group

The feedback has been fantastic.

Diana joined us as part of a week of wellbeing events which we hosted for our colleagues at The Very Group. Her quick and easy mess-busting tips were exactly what our busy people needed.

Kathryn Leighton

HR Manager – Development and Diversity, University of Chester

It was a great session and we had loads of great feedback!

Thanks so much Diana Spellman for speaking about Serenely Sorted at the University of Chester Parents’ Network today. Really great for employee wellbeing especially as we move into home learning again for many parents. Thank you Diana!

Kate Mylchreest

Head of Development, Storyhouse

Thank you for delivering this programme to Storyhouse staff!

As our theatre is closed and we work from home more than ever before, having this session to eek out more serenity in our homes was perfect timing. Great feedback already from staff who are already talking about End Homes!

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Having worked in the corporate world for 20+ years, Diana Spellman had delivering 100s of training sessions and designed systems and processes to improve efficiencies in the workplace.  In developing the unique Serenely Sorted System, she combined her corporate skills with her desire to rid herself of the drudgery of tidying and the work-from-home ‘Mess Stress’ – looking at the age-old task of tidying in a completely new way, and making it more efficient.  Now known as The Realistic Home Organisation Expert, and featured in multiple national press, she helps individuals and companies bring serenity into their homes, lives and businesses.  Read more.

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Articles & Press

Diana Spellman feels passionately about supporting hybrid working, by ensuring the blurred lines at home are sorted.  She has written and been quoted in numerous press on the topic.

More than half (60%) of people working from home don’t have a dedicated space, according to a survey from Serenely Sorted. This makes tidying away your work things at the end of the day even more important, says the company’s founder and home organisation guru Diana Spellman. So how do we stay focused?

Diana said: “Without mechanisms in place to ensure that the work stuff is put away at the end of the day, the lines between work and home life get even more blurred than they already were, with the danger that we will be ‘always on’ and unable to fully switch off from our day jobs at night.”

With mixed messages from government around returning to the office, new data from a Kantar survey shows that 43% of workers will continue to work from home at least some of the time after the pandemic, compared to just 31% pre-pandemic. Diana Spellman, The Realistic Home Organisation Expert and founder of Serenely Sorted, believes now is that time to address the elephant in the room around the impact of home working on staff mental wellbeing, as hybrid working looks set to continue for the long term and research reveals that a huge proportion of us are suffering from ‘mess stress’.