How practical is your Staff Wellness Programme?

Staff Wellbeing Programmes

Many companies will now have a programme to support staff wellbeing and mental health.  This may include yoga at lunchtime, webinars on a range of supporting topics, wellbeing apps, and more.

“I don’t have time to attend”

If you are a HR Manager, or an employee on the receiving end of such a programme, ask yourself: does your programme really address the root causes of stress as well as provide some remedies to address the symptoms?  Ironically a common complaint of such programmes is that people don’t have time to attend the sessions, because they are too busy. One of the key challenges with programme content is that the sessions take time out of the day, without any prospect of people getting that time back, either by reducing workload or increasing time to relax and destress in the way the webinar teaches.

What if your programme gave people ways to practically save time every day?

How about offering something that, after that initial 30 minutes, can help people free up and save hours of time in their home lives, so that they have more time to spend on those other things that will help them relax, have more time with family, etc.

You see, the bigger-picture challenge is that the numbers these days just don’t add up.  The 40-hour work week was designed in the times when the (usually) wife, stayed at home to complete all the domestic activities do to with the house and family.  These activities still need to be done, but in most two-adult households these days, both partners work, meaning that all that work that used to be done in the day is squeezed into evenings and weekends, leaving little or nothing for relaxation.

No wonder we’re stressed.  We’re mess stressed.

Yes, the washing machine and the dishwasher definitely helped.  People employ cleaners and use nurseries.  But that’s not the half of it.  If you list out everything, the mess and the tidying, the organising and the sorting, is still there, and sadly, right in your face as you try to relax, or work from that home!

Finally, a wellbeing talk that will give you that time back, and again, every single day!

The ‘Less Mess Stress’ webinar from Serenely Sorted is a 100% practical way to help your staff get back some of that time, packed full of home organisation tips to address the working from home reality and more, and enjoy their home in the way it should be – as a place of relaxation and a haven from all the external stresses of life.

Because the Serenely Sorted System is a realistic home organisation method designed to help busy people spend LESS time on the drudgery AND have a home tidier that ever before.

Help your staff to take back time, ditch the drudgery and rid their mess stress.

At £300 for up to 50 delegates, the Less Mess Stress webinar is a no-brainer, with all attendees being sure to take away real practical things they can do immediately to improve their wellbeing at home.

Contact me to book your webinar or view this page to find out more.


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