Home Organisation, but not as you know it

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by Diana Spellman, Founder of Serenely Sorted and Creator of The Serenely Sorted System

I don’t know about you but the first sunny days of Spring (finally!) make me feel like getting my house in order.  Just because I’m Serenely Sorted doesn’t mean that every now and then, usually once every six months, a deep dive on the debris is needed.

Today is the day.  I’ll go into my children’s rooms – with them – to get them well and truly sorted.  Just like I’m sure your children’s rooms do, mine get messy.  I used to detest their rooms, hell-holes of misery which took hours of my life from me sorting through endless piles.  But now, when I say ‘ go and tidy your rooms’ they know how – because they have a realistic home organisation system (the Serenely Sorted System) installed in their rooms.  But, as they grow and their interests change, you need to create new End Homes.  My daughter is now pretty much done with toys, but is well into craft so we need a small realistic reorganisation.

This is the heart of the Serenely Sorted System: realistic.  Everything is realistic for you, me, and if you have them, for your partner and your kids.  A system that isn’t so complicated that it can only be achieved by someone who has all the time in the world or home organisation as a hobby.

Home organisation as a hobby??? No thanks.

That’s the point isn’t it.  Many of the systems or methods you’ve heard of were created by people who love organising and have the time to do it.  I love being organised, but just don’t have the time with both me and my husband working full time and two kids with a tonne of activities.  At the weekends I just want to relax!  Modern life is so busy.  Heck, even Marie Kondo has realised this now she has a family.  The working week was designed for 1950s men who had housewives and now the numbers don’t add up for us to be able to relax, ever.

So how do we get to relax now?  We don’t.

And that’s why I created the Serenely Sorted System – to give us some time back by making the home chores and tidying more efficient so it takes up less time.  Think of it as the ‘washing machine’ for all the smaller things.  Some time-saving devices helped get the home makers out of the home and into work – but the numbers still don’t add up.  Add in the Serenely Sorted System into your life and you’ll be buying back 2-3 hours a week.

So if you find yourself googling ‘home organisation for my messy home’ or feel like getting a professional declutterer in – why not look into Serenely Sorted instead – the realistic home organisation system that you install yourself and gets you tidy, sorted, for life!  If you want more persuading about how this can change your home life, watch this four minute collection of stories from people who have learned, launched and are living the Serenely Sorted System.

The realistic home organisation that works – so you don’t have to.

That is, apart from today for the six-monthly spring super sort.  Wish me luck!  I’ll be posting a before and after on my Instagram later – take a look here in the next few days!

Find out more here about learning the system via my DIY course or 121 with me to focus on the exact plan for your home.  And finally, get tidy, sorted – for life this time.


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