Read and watch what Serene Sorters say about The Serenely Sorted System and the impact it has had on their lives and homes.

Having Diana help me set up my home-honestly-it is life changing. I could have cried when she left because I could see how different life was going to be.

Dani Wallace

Motivational Speaker & Founder of IATQB

Sally Brice


[This is] the gift that keeps on giving… you are changing lives!

I decided this year to take a weeks' holiday to get my home Serenely Sorted. People said it didn't sound like much of a holiday but the work I put in that week has now allowed my home to feel like a holiday every day - it feels so serene and a pleasure to live in.

Bénédicte Siva

Founder of B Well Coaching

The first 90 min session with Diana was mind blowing.

With asking the right questions and watching a small video of my home, Diana understood what was stressing me - what my “mess stress” was, as she calls it…it motivated me so much that I attacked the area the next day!

Video Testimonals

The house is so tidy and serene right now, I feel so ready to bring a baby home.

Pete Burgess

Business Owner

Sally’s story

We talk to Sally about why, for her, taking the Serenely Sorted System course last August 2020 is the gift that keeps on giving, and has contributed to her positive mental health in recent months.

Teresa’s story

Teresa began her journey to a serene and sorted life in 2020 and already at the start of the year felt ‘that tingling feeling of serenity’ – let’s find out more about her journey.

Lee’s story

Lee has just completed Destination: Sorted. Let’s find out why Lee chose this programme and what it means to her to get Serenely Sorted.

Pete Burgess

Business Owner

The house genuinely feels more serene!

....….nobody ever trained me up on all this! Serenely Sorted has been a great catalyst just to get us thinking properly about what’s possible and how to achieve it... just having ‘End Homes’ and ‘Divide and Conquer’ as can-do strategies has been so helpful. The house is so tidy and serene right now, I feel so ready to bring a baby home.

Lee McQueen

Marketing Coach

It's been fantastic.

I was never taught how to tidy....The system is so easy for them to use and having a framework to teach my kids - it's been fantastic

Video Testimonals

Serenely Sorted takes away the pressure to be perfect.

Michelle Lacey

Confidence Coach

June’s story

It’s been a pleasure seeing June become Serenely Sorted!  June runs a busy B&B with her husband.  After the 30 years in the same kitchen, June has been able to create new space without throwing things away thanks to ‘Divide & Conquer’!

Natalie’s story

Natalie and her husband both work and have two young kids.  For Natalie, Serenely Sorted has been all about a behavioural change that has transformed her attitude to tidying.  Serene Sorting is not a chore but just something that happens naturally now.

Kim’s story

Kim’s household is busy – both parents working, three teenage kids.  Kim always tidied up when people came round but it was a constant stress.  She has gone from permanently clearing up to enjoying less tidying, less waste and more serenity!

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