Why learn the Serenely Sorted System when you can get a Professional Organiser in to do it for you?

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It’s a good question and one I get a lot!  A professional organiser comes in, sorts your cupboards beautifully, often with pretty labels and wow – it does look great.  But what happens when they leave?  What happens then?  You probably keep it lovely for a few weeks, marvel at the gorgeous tidy cupboards.  But then what happens?  Your old habits – the ones that got you so messy you got in the person to sort it for you – start to creep back.  A few small piles appear….

You get the picture.

Unless you change your behaviour, you will be back to mess town before you know it.  Because it’s your behaviour (and of course the rest of the people living in your home) that causes the mess.  If you don’t use the baskets with pretty labels, or those baskets aren’t set up to be realistic for you to use, you won’t USE them, and you’ll go for the default/easiest way and drop things on a surface or pile.

The Serenely Sorted System is unique and very different to this approach.  I’m not saying don’t get the professional organiser in if that’s what you love – and can afford to have it done regularly.  But if you want a system that will help you get tidy and stay tidy for life?   Then choose the Serenely Sorted System.

A price for a tidy life – for life

Don’t compare Serenely Sorted pricing to someone’s hourly rate for a half day’s sorting, because I will be setting you up with a system, teaching you how to use it face to face and with videos you’ll use – so that you know how to use that system to keep you tidy for life.  Kind of like a chauffeur can drive you to your destination for a one-off price, but if you learn to drive yourself, well….you get the picture.

Want to picture your life and home Serenely Sorted?

The Serenely Sorted System is the last home organisation system you’ll ever need.

You can contact me for the ultimate in-home experience, (£899+) but if in-person isn’t in your price range, then you can learn the system with my online course for £99 – and set it up yourself.  Set yourself up for successful Serenity for life.  You get a 30 minute zoom session with me to to ensure you get any specific questions answered. Find out more here.

I can also work with you 1-2-1 virtually anywhere in the world – by guiding you through the materials and ensuring the set up is completely tailored to your specific home and home life via six weekly sessions (online materials also included).  At £499 this service may be a similar amount to having a person come into your home for a one-off declutter or organise, but remember: this sets you up to keep tidy for life – it’s the last home organisation system you’ll ever need. Find out more here.

So, if you want a tidy home, fed up of the piles, want a sorted home and a life without mess stress, if you want to ditch the drudgery and hate housework, then choose the Serenely Sorted System today!

If you have questions, email me at diana@serenelysorted.com and I’ll give you all the serene support you need.


Diana Spellman is the Founder of Serenely Sorted. With 20 years corporate experience in systems and process improvement, she used those skills to address the ‘Mess Stress’ in her own life after working from home meant she couldn’t get away from the piles that had built up over time – and created the unique Serenely Sorted System, helping individuals and business create home environments that work well, with less effort, less mess stress and time saved every week on the drudgery. Diana helps individuals via her Serenely Sorted DIY online course and 121 Six Steps to Sorted programme, as well as delivering webinars to slot into staff wellness programmes, short ‘lunch & learn’ headliners and 1-2-1 programmes for senior staff (more on corporate here).


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