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The Serenely Sorted System frees you from tidying and eliminates mess.

Welcome to Serenely Sorted

If you have that constant nagging voice in your mind reminding you of all the little piles of mess around the house – you are just like I was. Working from home last year, I couldn’t get away from it. So I used my experience of workflows, systems and efficiency to develop the Serenely Sorted System, to transform the way I behaved around my things, to eliminate those messy piles – and to get rid of that nagging voice in my head.  Within a few weeks, my life was calmer, more serene, and today it hardly feels like I’m tidying anymore!  Now I want to share this Serenely Sorted life with you – watch this video, and let’s get you started on your own Serenely Sorted journey!

Diana Spellman

Ways to Get Started

I’ve been ‘Dividing and Conquering’ for the last few hours and it feels great thanks Diana Spellman and team. All I needed was a strategy to help get me started! Lots of new ‘End Homes’.

If you haven’t done the course I was skeptical but it’s helped to organise my thoughts and already made a huge dint into my mess stress.

Serene Sorter, November 2020

The house genuinely feels more serene! ….nobody ever trained me up on all this [before]!

Serene Sorter, November 2020

Honestly this course has changed my life at home! I’m shocked how the much the daily debris had such a unconscious affect! My mind is clearer and my house tidier!! Win win!

Serene Sorter, September 2020