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The Serenely Sorted System saves you time at home everyday and helps you ditch the drudgery.

Welcome to Serenely Sorted.  Realistic Home Organisation Starts Here.


How do you feel about your home and the time you spend on housework?

  • Do you find tidying a drudgery and wish you could do less of it?
  • Do you want to spent less time on home chores, so that you have more time for you, your family and business?
  • Do you watch home organisation shows and just wonder how you can recreate that without spending endless hours?
  • Do you want a realistic home organisation system takes less time – yet have a tidier home than ever before?

Yes?!  I did.  I do.  And that’s why I created the unique Serenely Sorted System, that’s realistic, achievable and sustainable – and enables you to take less time not more to get things done, yet have a home tidier than ever before.

Book a cuppa with me to discuss the right option for you.  Click on the icons below or via the menu above for more information.  Download the free eBook, find interviews with those already following the system and articles/press by clicking ‘Inspiration’.

I’d love to help you save time and ditch the drudgery too!  Join the growing Serene Sorter community today.

Diana Spellman
The Realistic Home Organisation Expert
Founder, Serenely Sorted

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What Serene Sorters say about the system

I’ve been ‘Dividing and Conquering’ for the last few hours and it feels great thanks Diana Spellman and team. All I needed was a strategy to help get me started! Lots of new ‘End Homes’.

If you haven’t done the course I was skeptical but it’s helped to organise my thoughts and already made a huge dint into my mess stress.

Serene Sorter, November 2020

The house genuinely feels more serene! ….nobody ever trained me up on all this [before]!

Serene Sorter, November 2020

Honestly this course has changed my life at home! I’m shocked how the much the daily debris had such a unconscious affect! My mind is clearer and my house tidier!! Win win!

Serene Sorter, September 2020