Serenely Sorted DIY

This is the most cost effective way of gaining access to the world of the Serenely Sorted System! You can learn the system via The Serenely Sorted System online video based course, designed to take you from chaos to calm - at a pace that you choose.
Learn the system via the beautifully bitesized online course for those who are self-motivated or on a budget - but with drive to ditch the drudgery DIY style!

It’s my mission to help as many people ditch the drudgery and experience the serenity they deserve, just like I do and many of my individual and course-based clients did before you.  If you want to transform your life and home, get out of the mess/tidy loop and be able to relax more, in a home you love, and want the most cost-effective way of doing it, then dive in and take the Serenely Sorted DIY video based online course!

Important: As a DIYer you need to pledge to do this!  The self-learning course is completely self contained, with a live Q&A slot to help you with any niggles, but in order to make this as accessible as possible there is no direct 1-2-1 element where you can discuss specifics from your home.  You get access to the complete system and all the tools you need to make it happen – but the motivation is down to you.  Keep yourself accountable with the installation guide and other resources but if you think you need more support then check out ‘Six Steps to Sorted’.  

What you get with 'Serenely Sorted DIY':

Honestly this course has changed my life at home! I'm shocked how the much the daily debris had such a unconscious affect! My mind is clearer and my house tidier!! Win win!


What you will gain from 'Serenely Sorted DIY'

You will transform your home into a place where you love to relax, is organised in a way that the whole household can maintain – and enables you to get back to tidy fast.

1. You will get back to tidy super fast

As you become aware of the mess and manage it through the unique and realistic Serenely Sorted System, you will be able to get back to tidy super-fast - every day. No more brushing it into a pile or leaving it there - it will become as natural as washing your hair and eventually won't even feel like tidying anymore.

2. You will eliminate mess

Through the behavioural techniques you learn, you will remove some of the mess from your life completely. In doing so you'll save time everyday that you would have spent tidying, and feel more peace in your home as it will feel tidier and tidier as you launch the system.

3. Everyone will feel more serene

The whole household will feel more relaxed at home. The family will be clearer on expectations and how to organise - they will also know exactly where to find everything! Not only that, your children will have a practical skill to enable them to keep tidy and stay tidy for life.

4. You will have a realistic home organisation system installed

The unique Serenely Sorted System is practical, achievable and sustainable. It is the last home organisation system you will ever need.

5. Your cupboard space will be organised practically to the max!

Never again fear opening cupboards in case things fall out. Maximise the space you have and ensure you can find what you want easily - and put it back.

6. Your home will be organised - realisticially - for the long term

The whole household will feel more relaxed at home. The family will be clearer on expectations and how to organise - they will also know exactly where to find everything!

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Common Qs And As:

1. How do I motivate myself?

Because I want to make the system accessible to as wide a group as possible, I've provided a DIY option. This does include a Q&A session so you can have a few specific questions answered to clarify anything in the course, but if you are not very good at keeping motivated or finishing courses, then I suggest you look at Six Steps to Sorted which is a fully 1-2-1 tailored programme where I'll keep you accountable and on track!

2. How long will it take?

Typically, I suggest a three month plan of action, but with most of the main living areas sorted within the first month. Of course, you do need to commit the time to do the initial transformation of your home into the Serenely Sorted System, but with the easy to follow course materials and workbook to follow, you'll be sorted in no time. You'll also gain serenity as soon as you start, so the benefits you gain early on will motivate you and clear your mind for the later stages.

3. How long do I get access to the videos?

For as long as you need them. Your access will not expire for at least one year.

4. How can I get my family more involved?

This is a common question and very personal. We will discuss the right strategies and toolkit to have the whole household involved and living The Serenely Sorted System.
This is my most accessible and cost effective option for learning and launching the Serenely Sorted System into your life and home. If you are a self-starter on a budget, this is a great option for you. Not sure which option is best? Book a discovery call with me.