Are you Lockdown Mess Stressed?

Like no other time, worklife and homelife have merged. A bit like the mullet: business at the front, party at the back. Except that party is probably your kids ‘learning’ in the background while you attempt the team meeting. And even if you don’t have kids, who doesn’t have their kitchen table reconditioned into a workstation?

I began Serenely Sorted after I started working from home, and had the mess staring back at me throughout the day. I’m a naturally messy person who hates tidying…but also hates mess. So – this, combined with my natural desire to review processes and adjust for maximum efficiency (a.k.a. my corporate career), led to the birth of the Serenely Sorted System.

The Serenely Sorted System eliminates mess and its potential Mess Stress and minimises the time you need to spend tidying the Daily Debris; it’s a mindset change that gets us looking at what causes the debris and completely removing that process.

In lockdown, these mess stresses are magnified by the additional activities undertaken at home. The Serenely Sorted System has specifically addressed these – from home school, to laptop wires, to the truckload of toys, as well as the usual ‘normal’ everyday life activities.

It’s more important than ever to look for ways of reducing stress, and the elimination of Mess Stress can provide one totally practical way of giving you a simple lift and respite from ‘It All’. It’s much easier to unwind at the end of the day if you are not staring at all that mess.

How can Serenely Sorted help practically in lockdown?

Our ‘usual’ services include 121 reviews of your spaces and specific issues, as well as providing online courses on how to build the Serenely Sorted System into your life. In non-lockdown, Serenely Sorted Soirees are a fun way of learning the system. But right now, it’s all about lockdown! Click here to start my FREE 15-minute mini-course giving you a simple framework and easy ways to eliminate five of the most common lockdown mess-makers.

For more inspiration, follow my Instagram or Facebook where you will find over 20 short tutorials and before/after videos to get started now! Visit for full details of how Serenely Sorted can help you get Tidy • Sorted • For Life.

Diana Spellman is the founder of Serenely Sorted and seasoned Corporate Programme Manager, trainer and Systems & Process expert.

*An End Home is a defined place where something lives and to where it always gets put back.

Tidy • Sorted • For Life
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