Calm your Kitchen

Maximise your kitchen space. Minimise the cupboard chaos. Find things fast. Love to cook.
Realistic Home Organisation Starts Here

The kitchen and/or utility room are at the heart of realistic home organisation.  If you want to start your journey here before you dive in for the full ride, this is the perfect option for you.  We’ll review your kitchen layout as it stands, and go through the key kitchen principles of where to place each activity to make it work, so you can minimise your work.  We’ll ensure you are maximising your cupboard space and of course tame that Tupperware in the process!

What happens in 'Calm your Kitchen':

Honestly this has changed my life at home! I'm shocked how the much the daily debris had such a unconscious affect! My mind is clearer and my house tidier!! Win win!

What you will gain from 'Calm Your Kitchen'

You will transform your kitchen into a place where you love to cook, and take less time on the mundane.  Never fear opening the Tupperware cupboard again!

1. Kitchen activity planning

You will be introduced to a new way of thinking in your kitchen, and plan where to store things efficiently so you do less and your ktichen does more.

2. Unlock space in cupboards

Through much research and trial and error, I KNOW what works, which tools help and how to maximise your cupboard space. Even in small kitchens, we can unlock space and find everything a place.

3. Use your food and waste less

Who hasn't found a load of out-of-date stuff when they move house. Organise your food better so you know what you have, don't duplicate and minimise waste.

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Common Qs And As:

1. How is this different to a one-off organise?

The Serenely Sorted System is not just a one-off tidy up. It's the installation of a system that you will live by for the long term as it includes behaviour as well as where to place things. If we set it up right - you will never need another system again.

2. Do I have to complete everything in the time?

No. You will get the majority completed with me - the parts that bring 80% of the serenity and peace into your life and save you the most time every day. Then, you'll have the headspace to tackle the other parts in small chunks week-by-week.

3. How long do I get access to the videos?

For as long as you need them. Your access will not expire for at least one year.

4. What if I want to then learn the full system?

Of course you can! Depending on what you choose, there will be an option to save on the full price of your chosen next step.
Maximise your kitchen space. Minimise the cupboard chaos. Find things fast. Love to cook.