The Ultimate In-Home Experience

Install the Serenely Sorted System into your life and home - fast - so you can ditch the drudgery from day one and get sorted straight away.
Work with me on my ultimate 1-2-1 in-home programme with a proven track record of getting familes and households tidy, sorted, for life.

With an initial 90 minute virtual session, Diana will find out what’s what, provide you with a shopping list to get delivered/purchased pre in-home visit.  On the day, Diana will work intensively with you on-hand to address specifics and learn the system and the ‘why’.  Ideally, the whole family will be briefed at the end of the day to set up for success.  There will be check-ins at 2 weeks and 6 weeks post install to ensure smooth serenity has been reached!

What happens in 'The Ultimate In-Home Experience':

Having Diana help me set up my home - honestly - it is life changing. I could have cried when she left because I could see how different life was going to be.

Client, The Ultimate In-Home Experience

What you will gain from 'The Ultimate In-Home Experience'

You will transform your home FAST into a place where you love to relax, is organised in a way that the whole household can maintain – and enables you to get back to tidy fast.

This programme is perfect for the time-poor who want to live the system but just can’t find the time to get started.

1. You will get back to tidy super fast

As you become aware of the mess and manage it through the unique and realistic Serenely Sorted System, you will be able to get back to tidy super-fast - every day. No more brushing it into a pile or leaving it there - it will become as natural as washing your hair and eventually won't even feel like tidying anymore.

2. You will eliminate mess

Through the behavioural techniques you learn, you will remove some of the mess from your life completely. In doing so you'll save time everyday that you would have spent tidying, and feel more peace in your home as it will feel tidier and tidier as you launch the system.

3. Everyone will feel more serene

The whole household will feel more relaxed at home. The family will be clearer on expectations and how to organise - they will also know exactly where to find everything! Not only that, your children will have a practical skill to enable them to keep tidy and stay tidy for life.

4. You will have a realistic home organisation system installed

The unique Serenely Sorted System is practical, achievable and sustainable. It is the last home organisation system you will ever need.

5. Your cupboard space will be organised practically to the max!

Never again fear opening cupboards in case things fall out. Maximise the space you have and ensure you can find what you want easily - and put it back.

6. Your home will be organised - realisticially - for the long term

The whole household will feel more relaxed at home. The family will be clearer on expectations and how to organise - they will also know exactly where to find everything!

If you have any questions, email us at

Common Qs And As:

1. How is this different to a one-off organise?

The Serenely Sorted System is not just a one-off tidy up. It's the installation of a system that you will live by for the long term as it includes behaviour as well as where to place things. If we set it up right - you will never need another system again.

2. Do you cover all areas?

Most areas considered. Based in Chester, I cover easily Cheshire, North Wales, North West England and NW, W, SW London. Travel costs not applicable for 30 mile radius of Chester but are applicable for other areas. In some cases accomodation costs may be required for bigger projects.

3. How long do I get access to the videos?

For as long as you need them. Your access will not expire for at least one year.

4. How can I get my family more involved?

This is a common question and very personal. We will discuss the right strategies and toolkit to have the whole household involved and living The Serenely Sorted System.
Live a life without mess stress. Ditch the drudgery and save time every day by installing the Serenely Sorted System into your life and home. This programme starts with a discovery call and commitment and payment are organised directly once all specifics are understood. Book your discover call here.