Serenely Sorted Soirees

Serenely Sorted Soirees give you a new mindset for life, kick starting your journey to a life Mess-less.

Face to face Soirees will be available again in the future. In the meantime, you can learn the system online – find out more here.

What happens at a Serenely Sorted Soiree?

Serenely Sorted Soirees provide the entire Serenely Sorted System in one simple to understand package, giving you the skills you need to start getting Serenely Sorted from day one. And they are fun! They also provide a community in the following months to allow you to stay motivated. Once you’ve attended a Soiree and started to change your mindset, you really can’t help but get..

• Tidy • Sorted • For Life •

Both the in-person and online soirees involve learning, and are fun and educational. You will learn the core principles of the Serenely Sorted System and then the practical steps to implement it into your home. The only difference is that in-person we can provide the bubbles, if doing it online you can pour the tipple of your choice. 

It’s not just about the 1-2 hours you spend at the Soiree learning about Serenely Sorted – you are gaining a mindset for life.  You learn a completely new way of looking at mess and the Daily Debris that I’m afraid you just can’t shake off even if you wanted to – you’ll be a Serene Sorter immediately and before you know it you’ll be making positive changes that will start eliminating mess for good. 

It’s no surprise that over half of my Serene Sorters have taken action already after less than a month.

You go home with (or can download) a pack of the key takeaways and some action pages for you to use.  For in-person soirees you also receive a sample of one of my favourite space dividers to enable you to get started straight away. 

All Serene Sorters graduate on to the ‘Serenely Sorted Select’ community to learn from each other, share Serene Successes and attend my regular online live Q&As.  The community is very active with Sorters posting their before and after successful sorts and I share regular encouragement and videos there that can’t be accessed via social media.

Face to face, they either take place at my venue in Hoole, Chester, or at your place.

In my venue, soirees are £30 per person, with a minimum of six people. Discounts apply for groups of 8-10. Contact me here to book or for prices in locations elsewhere.


I felt uplifted and energised to tackle the daily debris of home life. Di made the new approach to the challenge of mess achievable and fun.

Serene Sorter, February 2020