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As well as Serenely Sorted Soirees, we offer bespoke services for those that need a little more.

Serene Re-set Re-sort

Are your kitchen cupboards working for you?  Is your stuff more in a pile than planned?  Serenely Sorted is available to consult both in-person in Cheshire, UK or via webcam anywhere.

Attending a Serenely Sorted Soiree is recommended to first gain the mindset.  This way, once we’ve Re-set Re-sorted your space, it will work for you long term, rather than going back to mess-town within a week.  Because the change in mindset achieved by following the whole Serenely Sorted System will enable you to keep tidy and sorted, for life!

We will discuss your individual needs, but typically the approach is a one hour visit for assessment followed by a return with the required space dividers to Re-sort Re-set the space.

Areas covered: Kitchens, Utility rooms, Living rooms, Bedrooms, Hallways or others on request.

Contact me using the button below for a chat about what you need so we can set up the best Re-set Re-sort programme for you!


Extra Ooomph for the overwhelmed

For those in greater need, with decluttering to be done as well as attacking the Daily Debris, I offer a more intense regular service to assist you in achieving Serenity.  As well as going through ‘Learn the Serenely Sorted System’ online , we have a weekly 30 minute video session for four weeks, then monthly for two more months.  You will also get access to Serenely Sorted Select, the inner-sanctum which provides a community of like-minded Sorters who share before and afters and offer motivation.

This programme, which includes ‘Learn the Serenely Sorted System’ (worth £25), and six 30 minute video consultation sessions, costs £150.

To enquire about this programme, click the button below saying you are interested in the Intense or ‘Ooomph’ programme.