I work 1-2-1 with clients to launch the Serenely Sorted System into their lives and homes.  Through our time working together, I will teach you the unique Serenely Sorted System that will unlock time, and reduce your mess stress.  You will, with my guidance ,install the system throughout your home (or kitchen or utility) and create habits and behaviour changes that will enable you to keep tidy for the long term, yet spend less time doing it than ever before.

Life happens, mess happens.  But with The Serenely Sorted System, getting back to tidy won’t even feel like tidying anymore.

Read more about the options for installing the Serenely Sorted System into your home below (with full detail on separate pages), and book a discovery call with me to work out which is the right one for you and your lifestyle.


Calm Your Kitchen

The kitchen and/or utility room are at the heart of realistic home organisation. If you want to start your journey here before you dive in for the full ride, this is the perfect option for you. We’ll review your kitchen layout as it stands, and go through the key kitchen principles of where to place each activity to make it work, so you can minimise your work. We’ll ensure you are maximising your cupboard space and of course tame that Tupperware in the process!

Six Steps to Sorted

The most popular choice, over six weeks you will go on a journey from chaos to calm installing The Serenely Sorted System, starting with a 90-minute virtual session. With a priority list designed specifically for you, via six further 30-minute virtual sessions and specific short videos to watch along the way, you feel the benefit from week one onwards.

Ultimate In-Home

The Ultimate In-Home experience is those who want to live the Serenely Sorted System, but just can’t squeeze in the set up phase themselves.  With the 90-minute virtual session to start to understand requirements and specifics, and a bespoke shopping list just for you, Diana will install the Serenely Sorted System into a powerhouse of End Homes intensively in one (or more) day(s) into your main living areas.

Since creating The Serenely Sorted System and launching it throughout my home, I honestly never feel like I'm tidying anymore. I've saved hours every week yet my home is tidier than it ever was before.

Founder of Serenely Sorted

How it works

This is not your standard home organisation or decluttering service. 

This is about installing a system that enables you to live a life with less mess, ditching the drudgery for the long term. 

It is a mindset and behaviour change that will eliminate mess from your life and give you a tidier home than ever before, with less effort. 

This is the last home organisation service you will ever need.

1. 90 minute discovery session
Following the discovery call to work out which service is for you, we meet virtually for 90 minutes, going through each aspect of your home/room to work out challenges and priorities. In this session, I give you the first insight into how the system works, and why it is different to anything you've seen before.
2. Personalised roadmap & resources
You not only get access to my library of completely practical and easy-to-implement video guides (kitchen or whole home depending on the level of service) - all very short and easy to follow and refer to when the time comes to use them - but your own personalised roadmap and shopping list!
3. In-home or virtual support
The ultimate option has me in home implementing the system with you on hand to learn and guide to your personal needs. For Kitchen Calm or Six Steps to Sorted, virtual accountability sessions will ensure you get sorted, fast. In all cases, we are in touch via messages, where I encourage you to share videos of 'before' areas to sort to get my advice (and I LOVE to see the 'afters'!
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The first 90 min session with Diana was mind blowing. With asking the right questions and watching a small video of my home, Diana understood what was stressing me - what my “mess stress” was, as she calls it…it motivated me so much that I attacked the area the next day!

Client, Six Steps to Sorted

Book a discovery call to find out the best option for you to install The Serenely Sorted System into your homelife.