Learn the Serenely Sorted System with friends

The perfect way to learn the Realistic Home Organisation System featured in national press - while having fun with friends!

Learn the Serenely Sorted System basics in your home with a fun evening with friends - that's really useful too!:

The Serenely Sorted soundbites and buzzwords have given me a shortcut to sorting. It doesn’t feel like I’m tidying anymore!
Soiree Attendee, Chester

What you will gain from the 'Serenely Sorted Soiree'

You will transform your home into a place where you love to relax, is organised in a way that the whole household can maintain – and enables you to get back to tidy fast.

1. You will get back to tidy super fast

No more brushing the mess into a pile or leaving it there - it will become as natural as washing your hair and eventually won't even feel like tidying anymore.

2. You will eliminate mess

Yyou will remove some of the mess from your life completely saving you time everyday that you would have spent tidying!

3. Everyone will feel more serene

The whole household will feel more relaxed at home. The family will be clearer on expectations and how to organise.

4. You will have a realistic home organisation system installed

The last home organisation system you will ever need.

5. Your cupboard space will be organised practically to the max!

Maximise the space you have and ensure you can find what you want easily - and put it back.

6. Your home will be organised - realisticially - for the long term

I'm 1000 days in using the system and my home is still as tidy as the day I started.
You'll be tidy, sorted - for life!