Serenely Sorted Realworld

Realworld is all about actual examples from my home and those of Serene Sorters that can provide inspiration for you.  All examples demonstrate aspects of the Serenely Sorted System that you have learned or may be thinking of learning.  Realworld examples are exactly that: real.  They are not Pinterest Perfect images of displays that you could barely achieve for one day let alone long term.  Realworld examples provide you with tangible demonstrations of what you can implement into your own homes, alongside the behavioural approaches described in the system.

The Hair Stuff

How many hairbrushes do you own? How many can you find? Yes, I had loads of brushes but could never find ONE when I needed it. Plus they were all over my chest of drawers making a mess. Now: they have defined End Homes.

The handbag

Like to use multiple handbags? Can never find your umbrella? Multiple handbags littering your surfaces? In this video we look at how we can keep our handbags and handbag stuff in one End Home so it NEVER becomes Daily Debris!

The Toys

Are the toys getting trashed and filling the room and the floor? Do you want to tame the toys? Find out what I do to keep the toy tide under control. In this video we look at how we can keep the toy tide at bay and have them at our fingertips to grab-and-go on trips.

The Spices Cupboard

This one was a game changer. Here, we make the spice cupboard easy to use-in-one-move. Serenely Sorted System. Now we know what we have, don’t buy the same thing twice and can access them easily and quickly!