Learn the Serenely Sorted System with friends

You can now learn the System at a Serenely Sorted Online Soiree!  One of the benefits of learning as a group is a chance to share stories and experiences, as well as to have a bit of fun!

It really means a lot when you hear your friends having similar feelings or experiences – and talking about home-life and the challenges of keeping things in order is no different.

It’s also great in the current times to have another fun reason to get together with friends virtually!


Serenely Sorted Soiree

What happens at a Serenely Sorted Online Soiree?

Once you are all logged in to the online soiree, your host Diana Spellman, Founder of the Serenely Sorted System will lead you through the approx. hour long session.

The session will cover;

  • The main concepts of the system, explained by Diana with supporting video content
  • Sharing experiences – everyone can share the challenges faced and what benefits of the transformation they would most enjoy.
  • We look at some “Serene Space Dividers” and play a short game
  • A walk-through of the full course, which you have full access to after the event to go through at your own pace, and explain the tools and other content available to support your journey towards becoming…Serenely Sorted

How do you book this event?

If this sounds like something you and a few friends would enjoy, get in touch!  At £20 per person (min 5 people), this offers great value considering the full course alone is £25 per person.