Learn the Serenely Sorted System

I’m excited to be launching my online course ‘Learn the Serenely Sorted System’ very soon.   Serenely Sorted is the simple system that frees you from tidying and eliminates mess.

Busy people want to free themselves from the drudgery of tidying.  Serenely Sorted not only provides a system that reduces tidying, it also enables a behaviour and mindset change that stops people creating mess.  No other system looks at the whole behaviour of home organisation and rewires it to reduce mess.

The course covers everything you need to get Tidy, Sorted, For Life.  And we know you are busy, which is why you need this – so we’ve broken the course down into bitesize chunks so you can learn a little at a time.  The great news is that even after the first few lessons you’ll be saying the buzzwords and getting into the mindset already!

Ready?  Fill out the contact form below in order to receive a 20% off voucher upon launch to be redeemed against the £25 price.  Don’t wait though – as the course is going to be ready VERY soon!



What is included in ‘Learn the Serenely Sorted System’?


You will learn the concepts of Serenely Sorted in full within the sections shown below, with slides and real life video content explaining the system and how it can be implemented into your own life and home with ease.

  • The course comes with a detailed booklet / workbook for you to use during the course and on your Serenely Sorted journey.
  • You also get access to ‘Serenely Sorted Select’ – the private Facebook group for Sorters to share and ask questions.
  • And if that wasn’t enough – you get the Serenely Sorted Realworld for the Paper Pile – Free! This one normally comes at an additional cost.
Part 1: Learn the concepts


Learn the core concepts of the Serenely Sorted System in short videos and presentations.

Part 2: Get inspired by real examples


Bring the concepts to life with realworld examples, including the bonus ‘Realworld’ explaining how to tackle those ever present paper piles!

Part 3: The practical framework to get started


Everyone learns and gets started differently.  In this section we provide a framework for implementing the system into your life and home.

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