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Serenely Sorted DIY


Self-Learn the Serenely Sorted System online

Six Steps to Sorted


Sort your whole home with my virtual support

Ultimate In-home


Perfect for those with less time or want it fast.

Common Qs And As:

1. How is this different to a one-off organise?

The Serenely Sorted System is not just a one-off tidy up. It's the installation of a system that you will live by for the long term. If we set it up right - you will never need another system again.

2. Do I have to complete everything in the time?

You will get the majority completed - the parts that bring 80% of the serenity and peace into your life and save you the most time every day. Then, you'll have the headspace to tackle the other parts in small chunks week-by-week.

3. How long do I get access to the videos?

For as long as you need them. Your access will not expire for at least one year.

4. Where will you travel for the in-home option?

I am available for visit within Cheshire and North/West/South West Greater London. Other locations available on request but may have additional charges.


Save Time
Once you are living The Serenely Sorted System you will hardly feel like you are tidying anymore and spend 2-3 hours less per week doing so.
Ditch the Drudgery
Let's all agree that tidying is a drudgery. There is more to life for the whole family than spending hours tidying, so let's sort it!
Live without mess stress
In the world of hybrid working, you don't want to think about work in your own time, and need to focus at your desk. Rid that nagging voice in your head reminding you of all the tidying and delete the distractions of the daily debris.

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