Eliminating Lockdown Mess Stress

Note: This course has four sections and the total course length is just 15 minutes. Try to follow to the end for the complete course, and download the free handout at the end! Enjoy!

Welcome to Serenely Sorted – Lockdown Edition! Serenely Sorted is all about eliminating Mess Stress, and getting us tidy, sorted, for life. But right now, the Mess Stress just went Mad!

With everyone in the house all day, doing work, home school, play, dinner, it’s really hard to keep tidy. These are anxious times, and while it’s not the most crucial thing on earth, if we can easily eliminate the mess these extra home activities cause, it at least means you can sit down after dinner and relax, safe in the knowledge your mess is sorted, even if not the world. Watch the video below to get started and then follow through each section in the same way. There are four sections to view.

Note: videos best viewed landscape.

Part 1 – Introduction

This first video explains some of the key principles of the Serenely Sorted System and how they can be applied to Lockdown.

Part 2 – The Three Steps

This video uses the example of the Home School and others to show three principles that should be applied to any Lockdown Debris to eliminate the mess.


This three step process – summarised for you below – is the key to eliminating the lockdown mess stress – you will be able to relax at the end of the day not staring at the devastation that lockdown has unleashed on your house. It allows you to relax and feel normal again.

 Part 3 – Applying this to your Lockdown Mess Makers

Everyone’s top mess makers will be different, but most likely at least some of these below will apply to you. These short videos explain how the Three Steps to Lockdown Serenity can be applied to each specific Mess Maker.

1. Web of Wires



With our main connection these days via the web – we end up with a web of wires! Eliminate that mess here (in this video Step 1 above is shown as Step 1&2).


2. The Truckload of Toys



However you usually manage your toy mess, this is a completely different Toy Story of mess and destruction. Sort it here.


3. Home School



For many of us, this was a concept we never thought would apply to us! Keep the school room locked up like the school gates at 4pm (in this video Step 1 above is shown as Step 1&2).


4. Work from Home



Throw a laptop or two into the mix to add to the Lockdown chaos! Keep the work boundaries set and the laptop locked down at the end of the day!


Part 4 – Applying this to YOUR Lockdown

This final video shows you how to assess your own situation and get started!


Now, print out the summary sheet below to work through this in your own Lockdown world.

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