Staff Wellness Programmes

Less Mess Stress from Serenely Sorted is a 100% practical session that can be used as a Lunch and Learn or part of a wellness programme. It provides a simple framework and step-by-step guide for reducing mess-stress at home by eliminating time spent tidying.

 Less Mess Stress by Serenely Sorted


Diana has worked in the corporate world for 20+ years, delivering 100s of training sessions and designing systems and processes to improve efficiencies in the workplace, as well as being a senior programme manager of large scale global projects.

Since developing Serenely Sorted, she has combined her corporate skills with her Serenely Sorted System to build a programme of wellness, promoting “Less Mess Stress”, that companies can offer as a staff benefit.

Anyone who attends this programme can benefit straight away, and go home with a new mindset to eliminate time spent tidying and unlock more free time. Attendees can then go on to follow the in-depth programme online afterwards.

The session length and content can be adjusted as required, with elements that can be bolted on to the training or offered to staff as follow up via Serenely Sorted’s online programmes. The lunch and learn option would typically be 45 minutes.